Extracts taken from “Glimpses of the past”

1 . CHAPTER 41- “RECOGNITION OF MOORS IN NATIONAL SERVICE”. (Page: 202): from the book “Glimpses of the past of THE MOORS OF SRI LANKA”, published in 1976 by the Moors Islamic Cultural Home. The following is an extract from an old copper “ Sannas” given by a Sinhalese King in A.D. 1010 to Periya […]

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SPARKLE OF DIPLOMACY – Mohamed Ali Jinnah – Founder of Pakistan

BERUWELA MUSLIMS – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ! Note -The letter of late Leader Mohamed Ali Jinnah and the pages of the Ceylon weekly newspaper “Star of Islam” were in the possession of late Mr M.L.M Hassim. At present they are in the custody of Mr Hassim’s son, M.H.M. Hibathulla Hadjiar. The images of those posted here, […]

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Muslim woman hoists Lion Flag at Beruwala

This news item referred to was, sudden found. When reading online, the Ceylon Daily News of 4th February 2017, on instinct my eyes were drawn to the attention of old, defaced, discoloured, two pages of the Ceylon Daily News of 6th February 1948, being displayed online, side by side of the Ceylon Daily News, I was reading.

It is the defaced fifth page of the CDN of 06.02.1948, which carried the sub heading: “MUSLIM WOMAN HOISTS LION FLAG”. Hence my interest was further aroused to read this news item and to get more information.

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