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General Videos

Imthaiaz Bakeer Markar

Imthaiaz Bakeer Markar assuming duties as Chairman of National Media Center at Vishumpaya

Adhil Bakeer Markar

A video resume of Adhil Bakeer Markar's excellence as a young man (2016)

UN High Commissioner of Human Rights

UN High Commissioner of Human Rights - HE Prince Zeid Raad Al- Hussein, in his Annual Report (2017) on Human Rights speaks out.

கொடை வள்ளலாக இருந்தால் பேருவளை நளீம் ஹாஜியார் போல

Historical Videos

Five Muslim Inventions

Five Muslim Inventions that changed the world

Holy Quran manuscript in sheepskin

Holy Quran manuscript in sheepskin, 1300 years old, found in Birmingham University. Announcement made in Tamil.

Zam Zam Well - The great well gushed !

Creation of Holy Kaaba

Creation of Holy Kaaba- from the time of Prophet Ibrahim.

Pilgrimage to Holy Makkah and Madinah

Pilgrimage to Holy Makkah and Madinah - many decades ago

The Chinese Muslim Explorer: Zheng He

He was born in 1371. He led expeditions to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Oman, Yemen, Saudi, Somalia, Kenya and many other countries , from 1405- 1433. The name ‘China Fort’ can be traced to this great Chinese Muslim Traveller. China Fort in Beruwala may have been part of his travel visit.

Kinniya King TV’s - Makkal Parvai

Watch video to know more about Beruwala Muslim Ancestry, as revealed in this video clip. The video traces Muslim lineage to the days of Sheik Jamaldeen . It is revealed that King Bhuvanakabahu III’s mother , was a Muslim lady who hailed from Beruwala. Bhuvanekabahu III, reigned Kurunegala from 1888-1890. Valuable other historical facts are in this video.

Red mosque in Colombo SriLanka


Religious Videos

Ayat Al-Kursi Analysis

Names of Allah- with Tamil translation

Holy Quran Recitation in British Parliment

Holy Quran Recital in the British Parliament during Ramadan Fast in 2018.

Surah Al Araf with Tamil transcript

Seventeen types of Sadaquah

Seventeen types of Sadaquah - which do not cost money.

The Night Journey from Holy Kaaba to Al-Aqsa.

Prophet Mohamed(pbuh)in the Hindu Scriptures.

20 of the most unusual mosque around the world

My Rabb - The Farewell Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad